Our set photographer had to sell his camera gear so he could flee Syria.

Ayham is a photographer from Damascus. He arrived in Germany in August 2015. To pay for the journey from Syria, he had to sell all of his camera equipment. He met Mala who gave him a camera she had sitting and collecting dust in her cupboard. They became friends and are delighted to be working together on this film. Ayham is now building a healthy career as a portrait, landscape and film set photographer in Berlin.

The story of an infrequent Syrian Trumpeter

Milad Khawam, one of Syria's handful of trumpet players is the composer of NO MONSTERS IN BERLIN.

Milad Khawam is a remarkable young musician. When he plays, the sounds which emanate from his shiny trumpet belie his young 23 years. He started playing the trumpet at the age of 10 when his mother noticed that he had a unique talent when tinkering with a hand harmonica. Coming from a family of carpenters, Milad was different. When he looks around he hears sounds, notes and music in every object, person or environment he observes.

After civil war broke in Syria, he was forced to leave everything he knew and travel alone to Europe. He didn't bring his beloved trumpet in case it got damaged or lost along the way. When he arrived in Berlin, he quickly found some musician friends who lent him a trumpet.

His cheeky smile and calm demeanour are hard to resist. Less than a year after arriving in Berlin, Milad is playing for the Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra, Morgenland Festival in Osnabrück and his own project called "Exilistan".

The production team of NO MONSTERS IN BERLIN are thrilled to have such a talent help bring this film to life.